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“EDUCATION IS THE BELIEF IN POSSIBILITIES. It is a belief about knowledge systems. It is a belief in the capacities of ordinary humans. We must believe that teachers and students can confront and defeat the forces that prevent students from living more fully and more freely.” (Battiste, p. xx) Transformations Battiste wrote, “What we together […]

“AS EDUCATORS AND TEACHERS BEGIN to confront new schemes of Indigenous knowledge and learning in reconciliations that create ethical, trans-systemic educational systems, they will need to identify new processes.” (Battiste, p.xx) Recommendations for Constitutional Reconciliation of Education Battiste offers the following recommendations for educational reform. 1. Affirm Canada’s Commitment to Indigenous Knowledge 2. Recognize and […]

“Reclaiming, recovering, restoring, and renewing Indigenous peoples’ rights, which includes Indigenous knowledges and languages, is a revisionist educational project of great magnitude.” (Battiste, p. xx) Displacing cognitive imperialism “Each generation has passed this knowledge and experience to succeeding generations through its language. The teachings have created the foundation for their knowledge, culture, and heritage — […]

“Almost all North American Aboriginal languages fundamentally operate from a view of the world as interrelated and in flux, signifying these relations in highly descriptive prefixes and suffixes with the verbs… Being aware of the differences that verb- and noun-based languages have within world views can help many educators to understand something more about Aboriginal […]

“Like colonialism, racism is violent, ongoing, and traumatic, and reaches everyone in some form, although it is still denied, uncomfortable to talk about and often creates anger and guilt… All people are various shades of brown. How can these variations in features add up to justifying discrimination and racism?” (Battiste, p. x) Confronting and eliminating […]

“Colonialism as a theory of relationships is embedded in power, voice, and legitimacy… Decolonization then is a process of unpacking the keeper current in education: its powerful Eurocentric assumptions of education, its narratives of race and difference in curriculum and pedagogy, its establishing culturalism or cultural racism as a justification for the status quo, and […]

“Indigenous knowledge is both theory and method. We learn from community narratives the theory of how to be and we process the theory in our actions with our doing as defined in our stories of how to be a good human.” Richard Atleo as cited by Battiste, p.xx) Indigenous renaissance “The initial educational struggle for […]

“Early on I realized that part of my own problem in the search for the research I would ultimately do was that I was looking out and not in. I thought there was a magical answer outside myself.” (Battiste, p. xx) Mi’kmaw education: Roots and Routes “Any reforms must take into account the fundamental diversity […]

“The interplay between making the familiar strange and the strange familiar is part of the ongoing transformation of knowledge.” (Battiste, p. xx) Legacy of Forced Assimilative Education “The key in designing meaningful education in Canada must begin with confronting the hidden standards of racism, colonialism, and cultural and linguistic imperialism in the modern curriculum and […]

“The interplay between making the familiar strange and the strange familiar is part of the ongoing transformation of knowledge.” (Battiste, p. xx) Introduction “I dedicate the book to educators seeking to make changes in their thinking and in their work, knowing that the decolonization of education is not just about changing a system for Indigenous […]